Apple not the Creator of an SMS-Killer

Apple is seen as the leaders of the technology world and why not as they own a magnificent range of products and Mac OS empowering them that delivers the promising performance and remarkable features to the users. With a number of applications on the list, Apple offers what you can call is a revolution. But you cannot call it a Creator of an SMS-killer! iMessages, one of the apps by Apple in iPhone and iPad, allows its users to message throughout the world without actually messaging. But it is not just the one, another leader in the mobile industry, Blackberry offers Blackberry Messenger to its users that works the same.


This app cannot force the android users to switch their phones as not all your friends have a same taste for iPhone applications. Some may like iMessages but others may not. It is just like some of you have a huge list of friends over Google Talk and some over the MSN and alike! So giving complete credit to Apple is not justified. Also if there is a way to cease the use of SMS in the western world, it is only when Apple, Android and Blackberry team up to formulate an app that could surpass mobile messaging as Trillian is to the internet chatting.

When half of the world is still waiting for the dawn of the next iPhone, the three leaders in this industry are in a quest to overshadow the mobile messaging and creating other apps that could bring more business to their pockets.

No matter what happens to the SMS and their use the companies sending promotional messages will continue to be the diehard user of mobile messaging and will annoy you sending messages to your phone or iPhone!