Buffer app will make Twitter more Fun

buffer app price chart

Now you can share all that juicy content without flooding your followers. All this has been made easy with the introduction of buffer app. This handy little application is a must have if you have ever been known to a dozen tweets of blog shares back to back. The buffer app lets you simply copy-paste the tweet into its interface. And the rest should be left for the application. It handles all the timing nonsense so that you can head on for your parties without worrying about the tweets.

I usually read quite a lot of wonderful content and wanted to share it on twitter. But then the thought of flooding my followers with tweets always bothered me. Buffer app has come to my rescue and it is one of the best possible applications twitter has ever introduced.

Basically, what buffer app does is; it spreads out your tweets over the day ensuring your followers that they are not flooded with your tweets while browsing. The best thing about this application is that you can add on tweets to your buffer right from the page you are reading. This can be easily done using a Chrome extension. If this didn’t satisfy you, then we have something more in store. The Buffer also tells you the number of times you click a link, the number of times messages were re-tweeted and all such information is offered to you absolutely free of cost. You should keep a check and should ensure that your Buffer is topped up so that your followers keep getting your tweets one at a time and they stay in touch with you.

buffer app price chart
So now, the next time you sign up, the first thing you must do is set your times to tweet. These timings will remain as it is unless changed by you. And, at the respective times the tweets you add will go out everyday, one at a time.