Facebook launched a new unified mobile website today

Good news for all the Facebook lovers as Facebook is launching a new unified mobile website today. As we are all aware of the fact that currently, there are two versions of Facebook, one is m.mobile.com while the other one being touch.mobile.com. The former one is designed for all devices with touch screens while the latter one is designed for more advanced smartphone hardware. From today, m.mobile.com will be the only mobile version of Facebook.

What’s special about the innovation is; the new Facebook mobile site will adapt itself depending on the hardware you are visiting from.

“There will no longer be a difference between m.facebook.com and touch.facebook.com, we’ll automatically serve you the best version of the site for your device,”. The new website is made possible through a new UI framework that incorporates XHP (a PHP extension that incorporates XML), Javelin (Facebook’s lightweight Javascript framework) and WURFL (an open source mobile device database). The framework is dynamic enough to detect the UI and limitations of individual devices and adjust to them automatically.