Facebook Launched three New Chat Products Today

three announcements by Facebook

The long awaited Facebook surprise got unveiled today. Not only 1, Facebook announced 3 new chat products today namely : ad hoc group chat, a new chat design and video calling powered by Skype. Facebook users are going to have a great time enjoying all these features like me 🙂

three announcements by Facebook
Ad Hoc Group Chat:
With ad hoc group chat, users can now create group chats instantly without first creating a group.

The new design looks pretty cool. There is a side panel that shows the people  you chat with the most and whether they are online or not!

Above all, from today Facebook users can enjoy video calling without leaving their Facebook windows. A set up for video calling needs to be downloaded and you are there to go! Though, it is currently one-to-one video calling but it is indeed amazing!

It would not be wrong to say that Facebook has changed the face of social networking and with the introduction of features like these, it’s going to give a tough fight to companies planning to get into the social networking world!