Facebook To Buy Out Skype For $4 Billion

Is the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg planning to take over Skype? This is the latest topic for gossips in the world of internet. If the rumor turns out to be true then the deal will be signed for $4 billion. Although it is not confirmed news that such a deal is actually taking place but it is sure that some action is happening. Even if it is not a complete buyout bid then it may be about a joint venture of Facebook and Skype.

Facebook to buy SkypeFacebook and Skype have been related for quite some time now. Facebook was on the Skype’s scheme of things and they showed it when they launched their new version 5.0. This version had a tab specially dedicated to Facebook via which users can chat or call their Facebook friends using Skype. So the relations between Facebook and Skype cannot be ignored completely and we can expect something to happen in the future.

In the past Skype had been mulling over IPO but this deal would have brought only $1 billion to the Skype accounts. This means that if the scuttlebutt is true then it could mean a great deal to Skype.