Facebook Widget Joining the iOS 5 Party

Recently Apple had a new Jailbreak Widget named WeeTwitter for its new notification centre of iOS 5 that clubbed Twitter stream to the company’s notification system. The developers have great news for the Facebook lovers as they have coined the new Widget named WeeFacebook bringing Facebook to the central stage as well. What’s more exciting is that the widget is now available for free download.  Both the widgets are latest on the charts of the iOS 5’s notification centre, yet Apple is to corroborate whether these thingamajigs will be accessible to the developers in the App Store for the third party usage. Soon Apple will realize the worth of these widgets into their party and will possibly have them in, till then we can hope the dignities at the company could think over this and bring us more fun and excitement soon.

WeeFacebook WeeTwitter

Installation Procedure:

Step #1 For the installation you require jailbroken version of iOS 5 beta of Apple and need to install MobileTerminal app before you plug in your device into your PC. Now download the this.deb file and run iPhone Explore.

Step #2 Once you launch your MobileTerminal and type login followed by root in the administrator mode, you will be able to install your WeeFacebook or WeeTwitter widget just after the restart. For current iOS 5 users, there are a number of jailbreaks available like Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze etc. If you want some more entertaining and useful apps for your iPhone or iPod touch or iPad, feel free to visit iPad Apps Gallery and iPhone Apps Gallery.

There is a lot more fun than you can ever imagine that Apple is hoping to bring up for its clients and we assure you to bring the latest news so that you can enjoy the newest of technology first!