Google gets going with Disco and Pool party!

google slide disco google plus

It has been more than 3 months, since Disco, the group messaging app was made by the Slide team within Google. It is , although, quite surprising how google still has not talked about it. In the hoopla of Google Plus, Disco is not getting its share of limelight! Nonetheless, work still continues Now we have version 3 of the app! And it is just getting better!

google slide disco google plus
Disco was updated to version 2.0 about a month ago, with Push Notifications. And now it brings a range of alot of new features. The major one is photo sharing, This feature is now a must-have for all group messaging apps. You can also chat 1-to-1, now. But the most important additions being done are that Slide/Google is trying hard to differentiate Disco from the rest of the apps. Google has made an amalgamation of  Twitter and Yelp!

And this gives it altogether, interesting features . Using the new “Star” commands, you can choose to follow any Twitter feed within a Disco group and see all the updates from that account within the app. You can also call up Yelp recommendations and reviews right from within the app with the new feature . And then, you can also create a poll for everyone in the group using the Star options.

Disco also has this nice little bonus for it users and non users. If  your friends are not yet using Disco, you can still network with them via SMS within the app. And the app will allow you to do this with up to five friends and this will be absolutely free of charge to you.

The team has also been working on other apps. Pool party, is one such app. It is a group picture sharing app. It is good and if the two apps, were combined by the team it could become quite an exquisite app.

Lets see how these apps do, with competition coming from Google plus. It really does seem Google would hit the jackpot, this time! You can download the app here!