Google Introduces its Social Network Named Google+

Google announced its social network today named Google+ which will revolutionize our world of keeping in touch with our people online. This new service focuses primarily on data sharing and keeping privacy.

Google+ is organized into following five different features: +Circles, +Sparks, +Hangouts, +Mobile and +Huddle, each one of which targets of specific social networking requirements. Although Google has used innovative ideas but it would not be wrong to say that it has taken some good ideas from other social networks and used the in their own way. A blog-post on company’s site says clearly, Google aims at getting more users involved in their ecosystem. The company likes to bring richness as well as nuance of real-life sharing to the software. Company also added that it would be happy to add users, their relationships and interests to make Google better. And so comes the Google+ project.


Here’s a quick overview of all five features of Google+

+Circles is a feature through which users can select what data they want to share with whom by grouping the people in different circles and then assign different data to different circles. This way user can share more information with its family and lesser with formal network people.

+Sparks allows users to chat with like-minded people regarding things they care about. These are similar to simplified message board threads enabling you to chat over a topic with like minded people. Google’s prominent image on the web will give users to access a lot of content and it will invite them into conversations as per their interests.

+Hangouts allows users to start multi-people video chats. This is done as follows: while you are chatting with one of your friend a notification will be sent to all your friends of hat circle thus enabling them to join the video chat.

+Mobile is a feature through which users can share content much in the way they do on facebook. This service’s mobile App allows sharing of pictures and videos using phone’s GPS technology.

+Huddle is a group messaging service which will allow users to group text chats with their friends on the go which may become a replacement to sms.