Google to unveil Android video chat

Android users have a reason to be happy because they were waiting for Google to unveil Android video chat and it has been officially confirmed by Google. The Gtalk feature which is available on the pc will now be available over the mobile platform of Android also. But Android video chat will be available only for devices working on Android 2.3 and above only starting with the device Nexus S. Later other devices will also have this feature.

Video chat on Android phone will work over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks alike if your operator supports it which was told by Google spokesperson. Just like in Gtalk on the PC, an Android video chat symbol will appear next to your contacts in the chat list and you can choose from voice chat or video chat. Any text chat will be displayed in a small box overlying the screen of the device so, you can continue with video chat on Android phone without switching it off to read the texts.

Earlier, without the feature of Android video chat, users were able to video chat via third party applications like Skype, Fringe etc. But with this Google’s own Video chat for Android phone, the task would be smoother and more perfect than ever before. All you need to do is upgrade your Gtalk.

For Google to unveil video chat for Android, it was a thing which they had to do. So sooner or later we would have heard this piece of news. This feature will improve the connectivity of the users ten folds.