Google Web Fonts offers free fonts to design web pages

Are you tired of searching for good fonts for your professional web pages but can’t find the right one? Well Google has come up with a solution for your problem in the name of Google Web Fonts API.

This is an open source project by Google which has been designed for professional developers, to select the right fonts for their web pages from thousands of high quality open source fonts available. Moreover, these fonts work on most of the browsers. Google has created a Google Font Directory to search, view, preview, download the font and use the code on web pages. The best thing is that all the fonts have been released under an open source licence to use their codes in a commercial or non commercial web site absolutely free.

You don’t need any programming skills to add the code of the font to your web pages, therefore apart from professionals, amateurs can also use them. To use Google Font API all you need to do is

  1. Add a style sheet link to request the desired web font
  2. With the requested web font, style an element in a style-sheet or with an inline style on the element itself.

With this you are ready to go!