How Smartphones Have Changed The World

Smartphones have changed the way Americans communicate. More than a phone, a Smartphone is considered as a handheld computer which has multiple features to run the applications. With the always on and fast internet connection, gone are the days, where people had to access the internet only at homes. A smartphone is considered as a phone which performs the functions of both camera phone and a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

There are many companies which provide Smartphone mobile services. Apple, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry and Symbian are few such applications which provide smartphone services using different platforms and different operating systems. With the introduction of iPhones from Apple, the smartphones have become affordable and being used by large number of people. There are varieties of applications available in these smartphones. The users of iPhone and Blackberry can call a Toll-free number and record memos, seeking for area code listing , scheduling appointments, etc. The software recognizes the message and sends reminder notes through IM or emails. Apart from this, iFitness, fast food calorie counter, iBreath, Memory Jogger, etc are some of the applications which can prove to be very helpful for Smartphone users.

Although the above applications found to be very helpful, Smartphones are arguably most being used for internet browsing and social networking. With 3G and 4G speed of the phones, internet speed is much faster and than in any other phones. The users can browse internet, send and receive emails at a very high speed. There is no requirement to send and receive SMS, as the users can now directly communicate with their friends and relatives using Instant Messengers like Yahoo or Gtalk. Today, more and more users are getting addicted to social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter. With the help of smartphones, the users are able to access these websites and post comment or poke friends anytime or anywhere.

The smartphones have become so popular among the Americans. As per a new report published by Ericsson Consumer Lab, almost one-third of Americans access their favorite smartphone applications like Facebook even before getting out of the bed in the morning. It is also reported that 35% of the Americans use non voice applications after waking up in the morning.

The smartphone applications have become so popular that they have become an integral part of our life. So buy a smartphone and start using the applications and always get connected to your friends anywhere and at anytime.