How to enable Facebook chat in Windows Live messenger and Hotmail

With the recent addition of Facebook chat option in Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail, there is good news for the Windows Live users as now they can have the same sets of contacts in one place without leaving the Hotmail. In order to access this feature, the users are required to connect their Facebook account to Windows Live and checked on the “Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger” box.

How to enable Facebook chat in Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail:

Follow the step-by-step guide given below if you want to communicate with your Facebook friends via Windows Live Messenger or Hotmail:

Step #1 At the top of the Hotmail window, point to Messenger and click “Profile”

Step #2 Go to “Connect to” section in the left pane, click on “Connect” and then select “Facebook”. Alternatively, you can simply click on the Facebook icon inside the “Connect your services” box.

Step #3 Now, under the “Share on Windows Live” section, you’ll see this option “Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger”. Tick the option and then click on “Connect”.

Step #4 In the last step, login to your Facebook account and click on “Allow”

That’s it, you have done it. When you will login, a new group of facebook will appear in your Messenger window and users can chat with their Facebook friends in their Hotmail inbox by clicking on their name and an instant messaging window will open up.