Larry Klayman sued Facebook for $1 billion for not removing a hate page

A renowned American activist, Larry Klayman has sued Facebook for $1 billion for not removing a hate page. The suit was filed after the social networking site did not remove an anti-semitic page fast though.

“While Facebook has accomplished a lot of good, it can, as in this instance, be used for nefarious and evil purposes. Defendants Zuckerberg’s and Facebook’s callous and greedy actions in not taking down the page, but willfully allowing it to stay up for many days, has caused huge damage, for which they must be held accountable, so as to prevent this from ever happening again.

They must be not only enjoined but also hit in their purse, which is where they understand matters best. Apparently, the ethically compromised Zuckerberg has no conscience or sense of right or wrong, as depicted recently in the award winning film “Social Network.””

The above page garnered more than 340,000 fans before its removal on March 29th. The page made direct calls for violence! Facebook shut down the page on Tuesday, several days after Israeli Public Diplomacy Minister Yuli Edelstein sent a letter to Zuckerberg urging him to remove it.