Osama’s death- Some interesting facts

On Monday May 1st a decade long hunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist and the leader of the most dangerous terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, Osama-bin-Laden came to an end when he was shot dead in a fire-fight that lasted for forty minutes in Abbottabad near Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. The operation was conducted by two dozen troops from Navy Seal Team SIX, a top notch counter terrorism unit of the US Military.

It was believed for long that Osama bin Laden was hiding in caves but was tracked down in an expensive hideout custom built specially for bin-Laden. This stunning piece of news imparted a relief and at the same time, a euphoria across the globe while also instigating a fear of retaliation by the terrorists against the US and its allies. “Justice has been done” is what president Obama had to say later in the evening on Sunday. Going along with the fact that no country would accept the remains of Osama bin Laden, a quick burial of his body was conducted at sea which was in accordance with Islamic rituals and customs which involves little delay in the burial process.

The involvement of Pakistan’s Government is still unknown, but the death of the world’s most wanted man confirmed by the Pakistan’s Government, is a historic incident for war on terrorism.