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VoIP – The Future is ‘Calling’


The internet boom has established many new products and the technology now grows at an unreliable and very fast paced speed. Internet is used for various purposes today if not all, a telephone call is one of them. Ideally a person calls someone through a land-lined phone or a mobile, but since almost everything is now available on the internet, a telephone call has made its ground too. Voice over Internet Protocol i.e. VoIP which is a category of both hardware and software, enables people to make calls over the Internet.

VoIP uses the web as the transmission medium and sends voice data in packets (message or information) using Internet Protocol (IP – Determines format and addressing of the packets). The traditional method of analog signals being passed via copper wires is no longer existent in this method. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) system has met its competitor VoIP. VoIP converts the analog signals generated by our voice into a digital signal and then transfers this data over the optical fiber to the receiver where it is converted back to analog signal.

Nokia to be Acquired by Samsung

Microsoft which was rumored to be tabling a bid for the ailing mobile vendor Nokia is no more in the forefront, as the focus is now on Samsung Company. Samsung is now been regarded as the most potential buyer of the Nokia company. It has been reported that Samsung is now preparing to acquire the Nokia Company.

Nokia to be Acquired by Samsung

Both companies Nokia and Samsung when approached for the comments refused to comment on the topic saying that they prefer not commenting on rumors. Nokia did not categorically rule out an acquisition by Microsoft but moved to state that Murtazin was “getting obviously less accurate with every passing moment” recently there have been many speculative tweets of industry insider Eldar Murtazin but Reports of a Samsung takeover by the WSJ may hold more weight that these tweets, although the pundit has successfully predicted acquisitions and partnerships in the past.

In an attempt to streamline operations Nokia has recently laid off 7,000 of its staff. The company is now working on readying Windows Phone devices to release in the fourth quarter of 2011. If Samsung was to acquire the stricken manufacturer, in addition to the success of its Android offerings it would position the company as the top Windows Phone provider.


What all factors to consider before selling stocks

Buying and selling stocks at the right time requires skill and one needs to understand the working of a stock market to master this skill. Just like buying the shares, selling them at the right moment in the market is also crucial, as the selling price decides the profitability/loss from one particular share. The selling and buying price of the shares mainly depends on the market demand.

There are two types of speculators who operate any stock market: Bear and Bull. A Bear speculates the stock prices would come down, whereas a bull investor expects the prices of the particular share would go up in the future. Bear speculators involve themselves in short selling of stocks, where as bull investors don’t indulge in such activities. The selling price of a stock mainly depends on the price fluctuations in the stock market. Most of the investors who operate in the market are speculators who control the pricing of a particular stock. However, there are some factors which one needs to consider before selling stocks. Some of them are as follows:


  • The financial result of a company plays a key role in deciding its price. If the company is in good shape and has earned reasonable profits in the previous quarter, then the stock price of the company would also go up and vice versa.
  • Large scale selling of shares by any financial institutions also decides its selling price. The financial institutions sell the stocks of any company in bulk which could lower the price of the shares.
  • The share prices also depend on the present economic and political conditions of the country.

The general tendency which an investor follows while buying or selling stocks is comparing the stock prices with the last 52 week low/high and calculate the share P/E ratio. However, to earn the maximum profits from the stocks, one must also consider the above factors and must be able to accurately forecast the stock prices.

A daily reading of the financial newspapers and seeking the advice of the experts would help the investors to minimize the losses by selling stocks. Sometimes, the investors may have to sell the stock at a price lower than the purchase price for a loss, however, he must be able to forecast the price in the future and should be able minimize the losses by buying the prices at the low price and selling them at higher price.

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