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Rdio App For iPad Awaits Approval

Rdio ipad app

Rdio, which is a music subscription service, is all set to release an app for iPad very soon. They have submitted their big screen friendly app to Apple for the very crucial approval from Apple. Rdio says that it will soon add an app for iPad to its platform including web, Mac, window clients. The news has leaked about the existence of the app but Rdio doesn’t know when the app will be officially available and users will be able download it. Like all other Rdio app this app is also full of the Rdio features like: social aspects, offline caching, charts, playlists, recommendations, radio stations, etc. Once the user subscribes for Rdio unlimited for $9.99 per month, they will get access to 9 million songs on the iPad.

Rdio ipad app
After exclusive hands-on on the new app the impressions formed about it are:

  • Except for one or two crash experienced in the initial log-in process, the app is stable
  • When you move from music navigation to screen to the playback screen, the Rdio app puts the art of the album front and centre. The album art is high resolution and is a beautiful experience while you are jamming.
  • The interface is very intuitive. No learning curves are required in using this app.
  • The interface has a gun metal look and the things are laid out in a very easy and accessible way.

There are a number of on demand contenders. Among them Rdio is one of the few who have developed an app for the iPad.

iPad 2 Meets the White KIRF knock off

ipad white kirf knock off

China is becoming a huge market place for manufacturing and trade of counterfeit electronic products. Nowadays you can usually find the duplicate iDevices of Apple which are, no doubt, poor products. Once in a blue moon, a fine one springs up that instills the interest of many in the tech world. Latest on the charts is the copycat of second generation iPad, which is packed into pure white plastic body, which is certainly not the Apple’s taste. The plastic body does not make the catch but there is something more that the iDevice users really look for, that is, a microSD card slot. It is a cheap way to boost the memory of the product without paying much as in the case of iPad 2 where Apple charges around $100 for each memory upgradation. But that does not affect the sales of the real deal.

ipad white kirf knock off
Talking about the specifications, Shenzhen Huaqiangbei’s white shell KIRF runs on Android 2.2, contains 800MHz VIA 8650 processor and includes storage capacity of 4GB. Its touch screen measures 9.7 inch and overall dimension are 205x157x9.9 mm. along with microSD card slot, it has 1.3 megapixel rear camera and a 2800mAh battery for long backups. This hefty line of specs does not add up to the weight of the device making it lighter than the actual iPad 2. Also it comes with a price tag worth $93 which makes it worth checking- not for interest but at least out of curiosity.

Though it is a pretty good deal, we recommend the genuine counterpart instead of the knock off as you never know in the long run, when the heart will beat of the knock off stalls. Also with the real deal one get the reliable product and good support from the company which cannot be paralleled by the low price knock off.

Flingo to Merge Television and Web into one Platform

flingo to merge tv and web

Flingo was founded by Ashwin Navin and David Harrison, the former BitTorrent employees in the year 2008 and is now sailing up high to build up a smart TV app that will lead to some great partnerships. Co-founder unveils the idea of merging Flingo to the IntoNow for the television sets at your homes but there is a lot more technology hidden there which we can’t wait to see that will enable its users to have better engagement between their televisions and the web. New Smart TV is a streaming box or a Flingo enabled BlueRay player which is an only thing one needs to have Flingo on his television set. This technology have been under steady work since two years and there are about half of the television sets of the country that have Flingo in them.

flingo to merge tv and web
Companies like LG, Samsung, Western Digital and Vizio Insignia are all on the charts for Flingo to set it on their TV hardware which means big! The road ultimately goes for merging TV and web which also opens opportunities for media partners like Showtimes, Etsy ad Fox to create apps that go well with this technology of integration. To better support larger TV set and monitors, various monitor stands and TV panel are set to ride on consumer market ! Apart from this, there is another features coming up for you which is Fling that will allow its users to push or fling the content from the browser to the TV screens and even mobile phones using Bookmarklet by Flingo.

The co founder, Ashwin Navin is pretty excited about the huge potential these new technologies have and wonders how much business they can get for them. The company is looking forward to some new developers and sponsors that could bring great revenue to the company’s account and raise the charts to new zeniths.

Updated version of Google Books for iOS

Last year, Google introduced the concept of Google Books for iOS and opened the world of Google’s 2 million digital books, however it lacked finesse. Earlier this week, they unveiled the updated version. What’s special about the latest release is; there is a landscape mode feature for e-book reading on iPad. As you scroll through a book, they have added a find feature that shows specific keywords and phrase matches. Apart from that, users can now easily download e-books using their Gmail account. Simply put, the overall performance and speed has been improved. You can download the updated version from the Apple store for free.

Twellow: The Yellow Pages for all Twitter users


Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter have certainly become the spice of life. Don’t you think things are more fun with friends, parties, barbeques and Twitter? Being a newbie to the social networking world might seem boring in the beginning, but don’t you want to learn about ‘real’ people? But the question is, where do you find all of these people! Well, the answer to the question is ‘Twellow’, which is yellow pages for the Twitter users.
You can find Twitter users by location or for certain categories. I wanted to find and track users who live in California as I was searching for a friend and Twellow presented me with a list of all Twitter users. It sorts the user by most popular on front page to least popular on last page.

I personally feel Twellow is an excellent Twitter directory and is the Yellow pages of twitter. When signing up, Twellow will allow you to list up to 10 categories that their account can fall under but one caution: Once you get started, it may be hard to stop!

Nokia plans to release Nokia N8 in red color

At present, Nokia N8 has five color versions available : silver white, green, blue, dark gray and orange. Nokia is now wanting to launch yet another color and this time, they are asking all Nokia fans to vote as which color they prefer. So far, Red is ahead and hopefully we will see the new version in the markets soon.