Post Anonymous Comments on Facebook

It has always been a mystery among users to know about the methods to post anonymous comments on Facebook. Facebook provides a number of applications and tools to help us to connect with our friends and family. Though there are several debatable points in which anonymous comments posting is on the hot list. Though some find it good but the majority is not in favour of it. Facebook has launched a new system for comments, which is now implemented by a number of sites providing such facilities to users. The new Facebook system enables users to learn about security features and to learn about those things which users generally do online on social networking sites.

The main purpose behind this is to educate users about anonymous comments posting and how these comments can be avoided. This system forces users to use their real names which are there in the subject of the post. And if a third party posts some anonymous comment through this plug in then the comment goes to that friend’s facebook profile in the form of a post or update. And if the user reply back to that comment of the third party then the reply will go on the website providing such services even without the direct consent of the user, as it is considered that the user, when replied back to the post automatically agrees to the terms of the other website related to the anonymous comment.

Registering to such sites is exactly a child’s play. Some sites allow such users to get feed anonymous feedback and comment from unknown persons. However a user can also add filters and other tool to stay away from filthy and unwanted comments or feedbacks. A user can register online easily. Just after registering into such websites, a user can post anonymous comments on facebook.