See the inside beauty of your iPhone with the Translucent Conversion kit

With the advent of the fourth generation iPhone handset over the counters, the whole world got stunned by the amazing hardware and spectacular technology loaded into it. But what if you want to see the viscera of your iPhone 4? With the translucent conversion kit that Apple has recently offered to its iPhone customers, you can easily see the marvelous power and technology under the hood. This kit consists of front and rear panels along with some tools and accessories that aid in assembling and dissembling the kit on your iPhone. Now you can see the top Mac OS of your iPhone working and other chips lined up to form your iPhone 4. It is more thrilling than the sleek lines and glass work over this handset.

Translucent iPhone 4

The conversion kit can be easily installed over your iPhone though you will have to have a professional to set the front panel for you. There are some flaws related to other conversion kits especially regarding the picture quality and flash adjustment in the iPhone camera. But thankfully there is no such case when we deal with this new conversion kit by Apple. Also you need not have to spend extra money over the accessories and tools needed for the assembly of this kit as Apple is offering you those along with it. That is something for your pocket to rejoice!

You can easily shop for your translucent or frosty conversion kit which is available at the price of $79 and approx and get to see the innards of your iPhone and watch the technology working live and sound. Soon we will let you know and merits and demerits regarding this kit which will make up the success story of the same.