Sony PlayStation 4 is Under Development

For the PlayStation lovers, Sony has got some good news. There have been rumors around the globe that Sony would release the next version of PlayStation 3 called PlayStation 4 in the market. However, the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Masaru Kato briefed the investors about the company’s plan to launch the next generation PlayStation Console. He told the investors that the research and development work of the PlayStation 4 is underway; however, he declined to give any launching date for this product. Mr. Masaru Kato was also justifying the company’s $3.1 Billion annual loss which he mainly pointed to the Japan earthquakes and recent attacks at many Sony’s properties.

Playstation 4 to be released

Motion Controllers in PlayStation 4:

The major update to PlayStation 3 was PlayStation Move. Released in September last year, the feature provides motion control to some of the specific games. The motion controllers are not supposed to replace dual shock controllers; however, they would just give the users multiple options to play different games. With the introduction of this few feature, PlayStation received good reviews. It is not sure if PlayStation 4 will include the motion controllers or not, however, including both the features and not dropping the regular controllers would help in reaching out to more consumers.

3D support:

PlayStation 3 is capable of 3D and Blu-Ray player with just a simple software update. There have been rumors that PlayStation 4 would be capable of many new features such as 3D and Blu-Ray DVDs. With the update in the hardware and a larger hard drive space, Sony would be reimagining their processors for a perfect 3D support.

With the release of PlayStation 4, Sony is going to give touch competition to Microsoft Xbox and Ninetendo Systems and they would occupy a larger market share.