Stay Tuned for a New “Awesome Product” by Facebook Next Week

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has announced on Wednesday from the Seattle office of the company that Facebook is all set to launch something awesome the next week. It is speculated that it might be something in response to the Google’s Google+. Google plus is a new social networking site launched on a limited test basis by Google. It very unclear as to what feature is going to be launched by Facebook. It is assumed that it might be something related to mobile devices. As mobile devices are the focuses of the Seattle office.

Mark Zuckerberg

In the recent times a number of rumors have been in the air about Facebook’s plans about new mobile devices specially iPad. According to the information by TechCrunch, Facebook team is busy working on a HTML-5 web application for iPads. The new unknown project of Facebook has been developed at the Seattle office which is manned by 40 personnel. This office is the only main engineering office of Facebook outside headquarters at California. Facebook director of engineering Andrew Bosworth said that the team is working on a number of projects. But he dint make any clear announcements and said people have to wait till the next week to know whets happening.