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Your Android Phones Turned Webcam

After exploring the fable of your Android phone, it is amazing to know that your Android phone can even serve as a webcam! It is a simple process and requires an Android Mobile phone and IP webcam App. This Android App can be downloaded for free from the Android market. Now you can make a video call to your friend from anywhere you want. Some of the simple facts about the IP Webcam app are :-

Android Mobile as Webcam

  • Easy to download and install
  • IP webcam Icon in your home menu after the successful installation in your phone.
  • It works well with Wi-Fi.
  • It can be used to customize the video resolution and picture quality.
  • It works only at the Windows platform.

ip Webcam Android app
As you start the server, you get a unique IP address that is used to view the video in your PC or in your mobile browser. You can view your video directly in the browser (only the Java enabled browsers like chrome, Firefox etc.) or from Media players like VLC. For using your Android phone turned webcam for Skype you require a driver from the site of the developers. Your IP address will let you directly do the video chat on your PC simply and easily. But if you have the latest version of Skype installed over your PC then you need to have some alternative drivers like ManyCam as the driver will not function with it.

So next time if you forget to carry your webcam when you get out on a trip or in case you don’t have one your Android mobile Phone will surely aid you in making video calls or video chats with your friends in any part the world. So try it out as the App is for free and you already own an Android phone.


Its Raining Apps at Apple’s App Store

Apple’s App Store is now believed to have more than four hundred thousand applications available for users having devices with iOS. AppShopper, a reputed iOS and Mac OS X app directory states that the App Store has 401,437 applications approved by Apple.

According to accessibility to apps, AppShopper and 148Apps display apps in a more efficient way and are better performing in discovery, whereas iTunes App Store and Mac App Store have searching as their stronger asset. The former websites also allow the users the convenience to see the recent changes in the prices making it easier for them to make good judgements. These websites also boast of accurate of correct and accurate statistics.Apps at Apple store

The story of Apple’s App store is quite an interesting one as it is said that it was not originally meant to exist. Since the previous iPhone development model and its web-based applications did not gain much popularity, the company came up with the App Store model. Before this model existed the era of unofficial App Stores that were used on devices which had been jailbroken. This was the only means of getting full-fledged iPhone apps back then, until a year later Apple launched its very own AppStore. A Mac OS X compatible App Store was released with an update earlier this year, even though the favourite remains the iOS counterpart remains the more popular.

The growth chart of Apple shows considerable and commendable achievements. The store was launched three years ago in June 2008 with 500 apps, it displayed a good 1400% growth within 4 months in the number of apps available, and then a further 1200% growth a year later, having more than 100,000 apps. The number of downloads also increased from 1 billion to 10 billion by January 2011, in just a span of 1.5 years.

Today, all OS developing companies, basically competitors of Apple, have their own version of an App Store. The most popular competitor is the Android App Market, with more than 200,000 apps, half of what Apple has to offer, but then, the numbers just don’t stop rising.