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Onavo Brings app to Curb Phone Bills of Android Phone Users

If you are an internet addict and your phone bill is perturbing you, then you can now sit back and relax. Onavo has launched Android beta to help you curb your bills of your Android enabled phone. Earlier at The Next Web conference Onavo had launched the application to shrink the phone bills of iPhone users. It had promised then that it will soon extend the application to other phones also. Onavo kept its words and has extended the use of the app to many more platforms. True to its words it has launched beta for phones which support Android version 2.2 and above.

Onavo Android Beta

How does the app work?

The application for iPhone works by intercepting the users’ data connection and channels it through Onavo’s compression technology. Since, the data usage is reduced consequently your phone bill is also reduced. Onavo has revealed that the application for Android phones (Android beta) works in a different manner, but the details about the same are yet to be revealed. This new application is perfect for anyone who is using a metered data plan or is traveling abroad. Signing up for Android beta is very simple and you just need to fill in a form. Although currently Onavo has made available only 500 places, for the readers of The Next Web there are 300 additional places reserved by Onavo.

What the readers need to do is, while filling in the form, in the column “how you heard about us” put in the option “other” and key in the code TNW.


Blackberry Playbook will support Android apps

Launching on April 19, Blackberry Playbook is almost ready to hit the market. The developers have created something exquisite this time allowing the users to use two optional äpp players”. The Java Blackberry apps and Android applications are supported. The catch with that is, the Blackberry Playbook owners will be able to access 200,000 Android applications already available on the Android market.

“The BlackBerry PlayBook is an amazing tablet. The power that we have embedded creates one of the most compelling app experiences available in a mobile computing device today,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “The upcoming addition of BlackBerry Java and Android apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook on BlackBerry App World will provide our users with an even greater choice of apps and will also showcase the versatility of the platform.”

Certainly it’s a huge announcement from RIM and we all are diligently waiting for the release date of Blackberry Playbook.

Download free AVG antivirus for Androids

Here is a free version of AVG anti-virus program for all those who recently got an android widget and those who are looking to buy one. Just recently, Google have found a couple of Android apps that could steal private information from the Android gadgets which is highly undesirable. AVG antivirus for Android devices is based on Droid security. The best part about the program is, it helps you scan all the apps for malware before downloading them from app stores.

Listed below are complete features of free AVG antivirus for Androids:

  • Scan, detect and remove viruses in no time
  • Supports “automatic scans”
  • Automatically scan Android apps, website content, e-mails and SMS before downloading from app stores
  • Its GPS feature it can locate lost or stolen Android widgets
  • As per the requirement, schedules scans can be configured
  • Create and display message on the screen remotely. Applications can also be managed remotely
  • For premium version users, it provides protection from SMS spam as well

Download free AVG anti-virus for Androids:

Download using Android device : market://details?id=com.antivirus

Download using PC : http://www.droidsecurity.com/VirusFree.apk