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Unlocked iPhone 4 Rumoured to Hit US Stores this week

There seems to be some good news doing the rounds for the US iPhone users. The rumour generated as a result of a tweet by @chronicwire, who apparently set up the account recently, enlists four specific models -the MC603 (16GB, black) MC604 (16GB, white) MC605 (32GB, black) and MC606 (32GB, white) which will be available unlocked in US stores within 2 days. The company has been supplying unlocked iPhones in a few countries over the past few years as is made compulsory by the law. Even though this will be the first time for American stores selling the unlocked version, if the rumour is true, the iPhones would work on GSM carriers. There is a word of caution for those who already started thinking of dumping their iPhones for the new unlocked version as the expected price is quite high. The subvention in prices till now was because of its pact with a carrier like AT&T. Unlocking the iPhone would remove this subsidy and possibly make the set cost as much as $600 as compared to the present $199 just like what the case was when iPhones were first launched in the market. Also, the next series of iPhones is expected to be released shortly. This could greatly distress the tech savvy for paying such a heavy price for a lower model. Interchanging to T-Mobile apart from AT&T would not be beneficial too as they both restrict the use of 3G making web browsing slow.

Unlocked iPhone 4

The news is not expected to create a stir among the common folks unless they are among those who need switching SIM cards on a regular basis because of their travelling obligation. Though it will be welcomed by international travellers who will now be able to easily switch SIMS and use their unlocked iPhones with local carriers outside America.


Top 4 reasons to buy iPhone 5

Why would anyone want to buy an Apple product when they know it is going to be rendered obsolete by a slightly superior version six months down the line? Carrying an Apple product has become a style statement which is why Apple fans do not mind spending their fortune buying the latest version every six months. This summer, Apple is excited to launch its next iPhone and new reports describe it as a total rethink. So, are you excited about the release of new iPhone as I am?                                                            

iPhone 4 has barely had chance to gather even a spec of dust, it seems so convincing that the new iPhone 5 is surely going to revolutionize the world of cellphones. Why? Let’s find out.

  • Dual core processors accompanied by powerful graphics chip cards

The new iPhone 5 will amaze you with better video quality and still images.

  • Face recognition security

With iPhone 5, you don’t have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to see it. Isn’t that so amazing?

  • HD Audio

Without a doubt, the quality of sound is going to blow you away.

  • Unbelievable 64 G memory space

For me, this is the best feature as I can store my whole computer on the lowest model of iPhone 5. With regard to design, it is going to be even thinner with scratch resistant screen. Also, the iPhone 5 will be sure to take advantage of the new 4G network AT&T is working on.

Certainly, I can’t wait for it to come out!