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GeoHot Surprised Everyone While He was Seen Working for Facebook


George Hotz who was spot name in MIA has now been found working for Facebook since last month only but it was announced on 17th June.  News from iDB says that the news was unacceptable and on enquiring about this very news, GeoHot’s very own Facebook profile was shown which further confirmed the working of George Hotz working for Facebook. Although the news of GeoHot began working for Facebook came in June, but he began working in May itself and his Facebook profile will assure this, says Gabe Rivera.

His role in Facebook is not revealed yet, but it is expected that he would be working on the matters of Facebook’s apps for iPhone or may be the upcoming Facebook for iPad app. It is also assumed that GeoHot may announce about his work through his Facebook profile very soon so his profile is checked frequently. The iPhone hacker P0sixninija further assures the news in live Q&A session. George Hotz is a popular hacker who became very famous when he unlocked iPhone for using it on wireless carriers apart from AT&T and another hacking of Sony’s Play station 3 console. Though it cannot be made sure at this moment of time but chances are that GeoHot’s jail breaking or unlocking career may come to an end. GeoHot owned PS3 for life jack in Jan which was sued by Sony later on. This case was settled by the court in April. George Hotz returned to iOS hacking scene with Limera1n bootrom exploit for iOS 4.1 which was used in jailbreaks released for iOS 5.


Unlocked US iPhone 4 in Market

At a time when the whole world is waiting anxiously for the latest and greatest version of mobile phones by Apple, iPhone 5, the company has taken all by surprise by releasing an unlocked version of its iPhone 4 in the United States market. Though iPhones of unlocked version are not uncommon in most countries, the customers still require getting it via a contract with a mobile operator for getting subsidized prices for the product. Nevertheless, the news is that all iPhones sold by Apple will not require any contract with mobile operators and the iPhones sold by AT&T at subsidized rates will be SIM locked. Thus, the customers require a hefty price to pay for purchasing the unsubsidized unlocked iPhone.

Unlocked iPhone 4 available in US

The unlocked GSM iPhone is not connected with any mobile carrier and the model is not SIM-locked. Thus, it can be used by other mobile networks and SIM cards too. This adaptability feature is perfect for those who require frequent travelling and switching of mobile operators and SIM often. It also allows for switching and using multiple SIM cards with one iPhone. The GSM version of unlocked iPhone 4 can be activated by inserting an active micro-SIM card from any supported GSM mobile carriers. Post this, the setup process can be completed by iTunes by connecting the unlocked iPhone 4 to the computer. Free activation via iTunes will be possible once the iOS 5 is released. At present, only the GSM version of unlocked iPhone 4 is available which is available for sale at all Apple stores in black or white colour with a price tag of $649 (16GB) and $749 (32GB), respectively.


Get Ready to Experience the 4G Connectivity on next iphone

You will be amazed to hear about the new iphone with brand new 4G experience but only for AT&T’s users.  Well, it is big news for AT&T’s iphone 5 users but not for Verizon users as they would not be able to experience the increased speed. This can be understood from the fact that the AT&T iphone 5 users can experience download speed ranging from 5-10 Mbps. However, for Verizon users, the speed remains 1 Mbps. Rethemeier gives the information about this next iphone. But no one knows exactly about its launching date. Some even call it a rumour and this rumour has made its place in the market a few weeks before.

iPhone 5

iphone 5 with 4G is a kind of new advent which we all are waiting for.  It offers a tremendous downloading speed and will work in other networks as well. However, some people claims that iphone 5 is just an advanced version of iphone 4 and just consider it is a slight revision of the previous successful set. Apple is now expected to launch any new iphone before September at WWDC. Instead of launching of new iphone hardware, WWDC 2011 will host software launch and three software namely iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and Apple’s new iCloud service are on their way of launch in the market very soon.  This news has been confirmed by Apple and this launch will bring a big revolution in the software industry as well and it is really big news for iphone users. The launching of iphone 5 is indeed big news for which we have our fingers crossed and it will launch soon after this big launch. It will be great to use the new iphone and new software.

Apple officially claimed its working on gesture-based lockscreen for iOS

We knew it was coming up and today, Apple intelligence officially claimed that it is working on a new Android like gestures based lock screen for its next major version of iOS. The new feature works by having the user set up a definite pattern and in order to access the phone, the same pattern has to be entered instead of the usual password or passcode. The new type of lock screen is already being tested by 9to5 mac.


Because of the fact that the new lockscreen style looks absolutely identical to Android’s interface, there is no official word from Apple if it is planning to push this new feature in the next iOS update or in the future. There are also rumours that Apple might incorporate it in the upcoming iOS 5.