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VirusBarrier- First ever Malware Scanner for iOS Devices


The world of Apple has been quite free of malware and safer, except a few threats that have often popped up. Incidences of malware have been low with both Mac and iOS. Intego, Mac OSX anti-malware maker has come up with a new scanner for malware in iOS devices. This new tool is called VirusBarrier. VirusBarrier will scan places like user’s dropbox folder, mail attachments and other locations which are directly exposed to the user. Thus, all the locations that are most likely to be affected by malware are scanned by this tool. This tool is an on-demand malware scanner. This means that it will not run automatically on the background, therefore, users have to run it manually when needed. The user has to hold the link to the file and select “Open in VirusBarrier”.

A question that comes to many minds is that what the need of such a tool is when malware does not affect iOS devices. The main motive of this tool is to prevent infected files from entering other vulnerable devices. The company explained the aim of the tool at a press release. The malware may pass on to any device at home or office, although it does not affect iOS devices. As malware can take any path to get into vulnerable devices so such a tool will prevent this from happening. The VirusBarrier can be purchased by downloading from the iOS App store. It is available for $2.99. This will grant you free updates of detection for a year. From then on every year you just have to purchase a license for an additional amount of $1.99 every year. Whether this tool is worth spending a few dollars is up to you. Though, common sense and little care are enough to keep away malware but another layer of protection is perfectly harmless.

How to enable HDR Photo capturing feature on iPhone 3G and 3GS

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, then you can make the most out of the amazing feature HDR(High Dynamic Range) in iOS 4.1. The following step by step instructions will guide you how to enable HDR photo capturing feature on iPhone 3G/3GS:

Step #1 Via an SSH connection, you will first have to plugin your iPhone to your PC

Step #2 If you are using iPhone 3G, then search for this file /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/N82AP.plist and save it locally on your computer. Else, if you are using iPhone 3GS, then search for this file  /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/N88AP.plist and save it to your computer.

Step #3 With the use of a text editor, open the file you saved in Step #2 and insert the line of under ‘Capabilities’ as shown below:


Step #4 Now, simply save the file and replace it on the device with the modified version of SSH/SFTP software that you had used earlier to download the file.

Now, either re-boot your device and simply restart the Springboard.

Step #5 There you go! Now, you will have access to the HDR setting in the iPhone camera application.

Google TV Remote App is available for iOS devices now

The much awaited release of Google’s TV remote control application for iOS devices is over now. Last December, the same app was released for Android devices. The app works amazingly great! Simply put, it turns your iOS device into Google TV remote control. Right through your phone, you can do every single thing needed to control Google TV, like there is a mouse pad, arrow keys and buttons. You can share videos and web pages from your phone with your TV in absolutely no time. Also, Google Voice Search is a great feature for searching content on your TV using your voice.

The Google TV Remote App is available for free download at the iTunes App store. Also, it is compatible only with devices running iOS 3.0 and above.

Apple officially claimed its working on gesture-based lockscreen for iOS

We knew it was coming up and today, Apple intelligence officially claimed that it is working on a new Android like gestures based lock screen for its next major version of iOS. The new feature works by having the user set up a definite pattern and in order to access the phone, the same pattern has to be entered instead of the usual password or passcode. The new type of lock screen is already being tested by 9to5 mac.


Because of the fact that the new lockscreen style looks absolutely identical to Android’s interface, there is no official word from Apple if it is planning to push this new feature in the next iOS update or in the future. There are also rumours that Apple might incorporate it in the upcoming iOS 5.