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Apple Bags the No. 1 charts in US with Just Two smartphones over the Counters

Apple is on Number1

It’s Apple everywhere around the Statue of Liberty! The producers of iPhones, Apple, is on one of the top charts of Smartphone in United States sharing around 26.8% of the total Smartphones owned by the people of the country which is not at all bad for a company like this with only two iPhones currently on sale, iPhone 4 and last year’s iPhone 3GS. Others to join Apple in this marathon are RIM and HTC with 24.7% and 11.8% of the total Smartphone users’ share in the country.

Apple is on Number1
This achievement by the company with only two handsets over the counters cannot be overlooked and that’s what makes the race turn hot. To head the competition, HTC is looking forward to have variety of handsets with more additional features, fun and power packed in them giving Apple a tough fight.

Apple is been talked about for bringing up more iPhones to the showrooms with more attractive hardware and amazing software assembled together, since Google’s Android is becoming more popular and elaborating its product line. Due to its massive usage with smartphones and tablets etc. as Google has made it open to use, everybody is looking for a new Android which is smart and easy in use and goes handy with their gadget.

iPhone 5/4S is on its way to hit the stores later this year which could probably help Apple continue with its No. 1 position on the OEM market. If it does its good and if it’s not, we have much to cover on. There is a lot more the company has to do to save its No. 1 position and we can’t wait to speculate the fueling up run in the mobile industry in US.

Onavo Brings app to Curb Phone Bills of Android Phone Users

If you are an internet addict and your phone bill is perturbing you, then you can now sit back and relax. Onavo has launched Android beta to help you curb your bills of your Android enabled phone. Earlier at The Next Web conference Onavo had launched the application to shrink the phone bills of iPhone users. It had promised then that it will soon extend the application to other phones also. Onavo kept its words and has extended the use of the app to many more platforms. True to its words it has launched beta for phones which support Android version 2.2 and above.

Onavo Android Beta

How does the app work?

The application for iPhone works by intercepting the users’ data connection and channels it through Onavo’s compression technology. Since, the data usage is reduced consequently your phone bill is also reduced. Onavo has revealed that the application for Android phones (Android beta) works in a different manner, but the details about the same are yet to be revealed. This new application is perfect for anyone who is using a metered data plan or is traveling abroad. Signing up for Android beta is very simple and you just need to fill in a form. Although currently Onavo has made available only 500 places, for the readers of The Next Web there are 300 additional places reserved by Onavo.

What the readers need to do is, while filling in the form, in the column “how you heard about us” put in the option “other” and key in the code TNW.


Now you can Charge your iPhone while wearing this T-shirt

Orange, the telecommunications company has come up with a t-shirt with which one can use to charge their iPhone. They have named this new technology embedded t-shirt Orange Sound Charge. Currently only a working prototype has been made. It obviously doesn’t look too good but the technology is amazing. The principle behind this piece of clothing is that it converts sound energy into electrical energy and thus one can charge their iPhones. Orange aims to enable this t-shirt to charge a variety of mobile devices in the future.

Charge iphone using t-shirt

In a post where Orange announced the t-shirt, they also explained the working of this t-shirt and the technology behind it. It is an eco charging device and it reverses the principle of a piezoelectric film. An A4 sized panel of the film is embedded inside the t-shirt. This then acts like a huge microphone which absorbs the sound and pressure energy waves. By the compression of quartz crystals which are interlaced converts the sound waves into electrical energy. This energy is sent to an internally built reservoir battery. From this battery, via interchangeable leads the mobile devices are charged.

t-shirt for charging iphone

There are two basic conditions which need to be satisfied for the working of this t-shirt. Firstly, it has to be worn. The second condition is that it needs to be located at a place where the ambient sound level is sufficient. The required sound level is about 80 decibels. This is almost the sound level at a busy street. Below this level of sound the t-shirt will not be able to absorb the sound energy and convert it into electrical energy to charge the mobile devices. The t-shirt is to be tested at Glastonbury Festival this year, there will be a number of live performances their and so the sound levels will definitely be around or above 80 db.


See the inside beauty of your iPhone with the Translucent Conversion kit

With the advent of the fourth generation iPhone handset over the counters, the whole world got stunned by the amazing hardware and spectacular technology loaded into it. But what if you want to see the viscera of your iPhone 4? With the translucent conversion kit that Apple has recently offered to its iPhone customers, you can easily see the marvelous power and technology under the hood. This kit consists of front and rear panels along with some tools and accessories that aid in assembling and dissembling the kit on your iPhone. Now you can see the top Mac OS of your iPhone working and other chips lined up to form your iPhone 4. It is more thrilling than the sleek lines and glass work over this handset.

Translucent iPhone 4

The conversion kit can be easily installed over your iPhone though you will have to have a professional to set the front panel for you. There are some flaws related to other conversion kits especially regarding the picture quality and flash adjustment in the iPhone camera. But thankfully there is no such case when we deal with this new conversion kit by Apple. Also you need not have to spend extra money over the accessories and tools needed for the assembly of this kit as Apple is offering you those along with it. That is something for your pocket to rejoice!

You can easily shop for your translucent or frosty conversion kit which is available at the price of $79 and approx and get to see the innards of your iPhone and watch the technology working live and sound. Soon we will let you know and merits and demerits regarding this kit which will make up the success story of the same.

No to Camera Recording at Live Concerts says Apple

Soon you will not be able to capture live events or concerts using your iPhone. This new Apple patent has come as a treat for the copyright holders who are happy to with this technology that could bring a halt to piracy. According to the patent, the in-built camera of the device will be stopped by this technology from working. The iPhone camera will have sensors to detect certain infrared radiations from the event surrounding and will stop working as soon as any radiation of such spectrum is detected. Even the camera will not save any picture of any part of it, thereby, censoring the videos and pictures.

No Recording using your iPhone

Though this technology is very useful in keeping the pirates out of their wrong deeds, it would certainly add up to the expenditure of the organizers to build up a system that could generate the radiations of such sought that could be used by iPhones for detection. Also to generate appropriate signals in such a large place is a high hill to climb. From quiet a long time copyright holders are in search to a technology like this. At least it can stop piracy in movie theatres!

It is a great technology idea Apple is bringing up but time will tell us the success story of this patent. Also for effective measures, this technology should be common in all the phones as you don’t know which phone does a pirate carry inside the theatre?


Apple not the Creator of an SMS-Killer

Apple is seen as the leaders of the technology world and why not as they own a magnificent range of products and Mac OS empowering them that delivers the promising performance and remarkable features to the users. With a number of applications on the list, Apple offers what you can call is a revolution. But you cannot call it a Creator of an SMS-killer! iMessages, one of the apps by Apple in iPhone and iPad, allows its users to message throughout the world without actually messaging. But it is not just the one, another leader in the mobile industry, Blackberry offers Blackberry Messenger to its users that works the same.


This app cannot force the android users to switch their phones as not all your friends have a same taste for iPhone applications. Some may like iMessages but others may not. It is just like some of you have a huge list of friends over Google Talk and some over the MSN and alike! So giving complete credit to Apple is not justified. Also if there is a way to cease the use of SMS in the western world, it is only when Apple, Android and Blackberry team up to formulate an app that could surpass mobile messaging as Trillian is to the internet chatting.

When half of the world is still waiting for the dawn of the next iPhone, the three leaders in this industry are in a quest to overshadow the mobile messaging and creating other apps that could bring more business to their pockets.

No matter what happens to the SMS and their use the companies sending promotional messages will continue to be the diehard user of mobile messaging and will annoy you sending messages to your phone or iPhone!