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Unlocked iPhone 4 Rumoured to Hit US Stores this week

There seems to be some good news doing the rounds for the US iPhone users. The rumour generated as a result of a tweet by @chronicwire, who apparently set up the account recently, enlists four specific models -the MC603 (16GB, black) MC604 (16GB, white) MC605 (32GB, black) and MC606 (32GB, white) which will be available unlocked in US stores within 2 days. The company has been supplying unlocked iPhones in a few countries over the past few years as is made compulsory by the law. Even though this will be the first time for American stores selling the unlocked version, if the rumour is true, the iPhones would work on GSM carriers. There is a word of caution for those who already started thinking of dumping their iPhones for the new unlocked version as the expected price is quite high. The subvention in prices till now was because of its pact with a carrier like AT&T. Unlocking the iPhone would remove this subsidy and possibly make the set cost as much as $600 as compared to the present $199 just like what the case was when iPhones were first launched in the market. Also, the next series of iPhones is expected to be released shortly. This could greatly distress the tech savvy for paying such a heavy price for a lower model. Interchanging to T-Mobile apart from AT&T would not be beneficial too as they both restrict the use of 3G making web browsing slow.

Unlocked iPhone 4

The news is not expected to create a stir among the common folks unless they are among those who need switching SIM cards on a regular basis because of their travelling obligation. Though it will be welcomed by international travellers who will now be able to easily switch SIMS and use their unlocked iPhones with local carriers outside America.


iOS 5 to Allow Facetime over 3G Without Jailbreaking

FaceTime is a video conferencing software application and related protocol for backing the mobile devices running the latest generation iPhone and iPod touch operating system. It enables video calling at the tap of a switch making the feature user friendly and popular. This software was developed by Apple and released as a feature of iPhone 4 on September 8, 2010. Till now, FaceTime required a Wi-Fi connection in order to detect the second server on which calling was to be done or a 3G network with jailbreaking. This used to be a major drawback as getting on a Wi-Fi network every time for using the service was not very feasible. Wi-Fi was originally a necessity as for heavy video streaming the carriers faced congestion and bad reception in crowded US cities. Hence, for complete video chatting service it was the finest option. But with the advent of 3G, FaceTime could be used over 3G indirectly using a third party “jailbreaking” software. A jailbreaking software is one which fools the system into believing that it is connected to Wi-Fi such as FaceBreak, 3G Unrestrictor or My3G. It enables Apple’s iOS to unlock and access all its features. But now, with the iOS 5 beta, which will be available to customers by the end of July 2011, FaceTime will be available over 3G without jailbreaking the mobile system.

Facetime without Jailbreaking

Even though the customer friendly move is expected to be welcomed, the users must be cautioned against the move getting reversed by Apple at any stage as the iOS 5 is still in beta form. The iOS 5 which will be available for purchasing this fall and which is currently available for just the developers, has many additional features too. New notification systems, enhanced Safari browser, new camera applications are among a few interesting headliners.


Apple Bringing Full HD Playback Features to its ios Devices

The latest news from Apple is that Apple is now coming up with Full HD 1080p playback feature in its iOS devices which have iOS 5 feature enabled in them. According to the sources the playback with this feature is very smooth and it also looks great. Earlier the video with 1080p could not be synced with iTunes. But this new feature allows the users to do this.  Although it is possible that iPad and iPhone might not have this feature because they have very little RAM (256 MB) which will not support such a heavy feature. But users of iPad and iPhone need not be unhappy about this because they already have very high resolutions in their devices and this feature will not make much difference. So a 1080p HD display will not be evident in iPhones and iPads. Then one might think what the use of this feature is. The answer to this is that Apple TV currently does not support this feature. When the Full HD 1080p playback feature will be enabled in Apple TV then one can wirelessly connect it to iPad and play HD videos. This feature will be released for the public as soon as ios 5 will be there for the masses to use.

For all the iPad fans this news might be a signal of an upcoming iPad version with a display with higher resolutions. If such an iPad3 is brought to the markets then it will surely make a lot of people stunned with its display.


Smart Rotator- Set Auto Rotate Setting on your Android Phones

Smart rotator gives you with a new experience on android phones by rotating the installed applications as per your choice. Isn’t that sounds amazing, that the application of your choice will be rotated timely on your phone according to your wish. The Landscape mode is known widely to the iphone and android users in which the application automatically adjusts the application when you turn your sideways.  However it was not liked by users to see some of the applications which were turned sideways by this. So this smart rotator provides you with a brand new experience which gives you more convenience.

Smart Rotator

How this application works:

  • You are required to disable the auto rotate from the OS settings of your phone. It can be done by going to the settings, then by disabling “auto rotate screen” in the display list.
  • As soon as the application gets launched, you will see a list of applications which are preinstalled in your phone by you. You just need to spend few more minutes to choose your favourite applications which you want for auto rotate and after this scrutiny, you need to press turn on switch near that application.
  • When you don’t want those applications to auto rotate, you can press the turn off button just like when you have pressed turn on button.


However this application may not be suitable for you as it has several minus points as well. It does not enable you to view a large number of applications. If you have a large number of applications then it can become a head ace for you. It is a time consuming process to choose from a large number of applications.  But in some sense it can be a helpful for you if you have to manage between a small numbers of applications.


Get Ready to Experience the 4G Connectivity on next iphone

You will be amazed to hear about the new iphone with brand new 4G experience but only for AT&T’s users.  Well, it is big news for AT&T’s iphone 5 users but not for Verizon users as they would not be able to experience the increased speed. This can be understood from the fact that the AT&T iphone 5 users can experience download speed ranging from 5-10 Mbps. However, for Verizon users, the speed remains 1 Mbps. Rethemeier gives the information about this next iphone. But no one knows exactly about its launching date. Some even call it a rumour and this rumour has made its place in the market a few weeks before.

iPhone 5

iphone 5 with 4G is a kind of new advent which we all are waiting for.  It offers a tremendous downloading speed and will work in other networks as well. However, some people claims that iphone 5 is just an advanced version of iphone 4 and just consider it is a slight revision of the previous successful set. Apple is now expected to launch any new iphone before September at WWDC. Instead of launching of new iphone hardware, WWDC 2011 will host software launch and three software namely iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and Apple’s new iCloud service are on their way of launch in the market very soon.  This news has been confirmed by Apple and this launch will bring a big revolution in the software industry as well and it is really big news for iphone users. The launching of iphone 5 is indeed big news for which we have our fingers crossed and it will launch soon after this big launch. It will be great to use the new iphone and new software.

Download Torrents on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreaking them

Downloading bitTorrent on your iphone has several advantages for you. First of all it will cut down your cost by minimising your downloading charges as it is charged in application stores and other websites. If you have jail broken your iphone, then it is quite simpler for you to download a torrent client from Cydia. However if you do not want do jail break your iphone, then there are other ways of doing this and the best part is that it is free of cost. Application stores and websites charge money for every download. So much of your money is wasted in downloading applications and files.

Download Torrents on iPhone

Step #1 First of all you need to install Filer on your iphone. Filer is an iOS application which enables users to manage different files and download files from net. There are different versions of filer which you can download. There is a light version by which you can store less than 7 files. But if your need is to store more than 7 files, then you need to download full version for which you need to pay $3.99. You need to have an account on www.torrific.com which is very essential. Making an account on this website is very simple and without any charges. You are required to give your correct e-mail address which you use frequently, since you will need later on.

Step #2 After step one, you are almost done. You need to locate that torrent which you want to download and need to copy that URL. Once you have copied the URL, then you are required to paste it in the field text of the www.torrific.com and you need to click on “hit” button.  After that you need to click on the button initiate bit torrent transmission. Then your download will start and you will get a confirmation on your email, once it is done.