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Google Hires Sanaz Ahari to lead display advertising

Sanaz Ahari

The latest buzzing news from Google says that it has hired Sanaz Ahari. Sanaz at an age of 23 became lead product manager at Microsoft. With this feat she became the youngest product manager in the history of Microsoft. At Microsoft she was leading a team of about 20 engineers. Leading a team of engineers at such a young age is definitely a grand achievement. She was associated with Microsoft for seven and half years after which she left the job. Her last job was at the post Principal Group Program Manager for Bing. Se is now 29 and she has now joined Google.

Sanaz Ahari
She is part of the team of Neal Mohan who is Vice President of Display Advertising. Neal is responsible for managing Google’s portfolios of AdSense for Content and DoubleClick platform products. She has been appointed to lead the display advertising products in regions namely: Seattleand Pacific Northwest. While Sanaz was at Bing, she was among those very few senior people who were given the responsibility for search quality and the relevance of the search. While Bing was in the initial stage i.e. it was being developed and was being geared to be launched Sanaz was a part of the senior product team at Bing. She has handled high posts at a very young age. She joined Microsoft directly after college and did a great job there. Now she has joined Google and she has confirmed the news that Google has hired the product veteran Sanaz Ahari.

Justin Bieber Theme for Windows 7

Microsoft has recently released a Justin Bieber theme for Windows 7 following his inspirational “rags to riches” story. The theme is available for downloading for free for all Windows 7 users. Justin Bieber, who is a global superstar and a teen sensation, was a street performer in the small town of Stratford, Ontario before he was discovered on YouTube in 2008. He shot to fame when his uploaded videos on YouTube were noticed by Scooter Braun who is currently the Manager of the singer.

Justin Bieber Windows 7 Theme

Since then, the teenaged Canadian singer and actor has never looked back. With a huge fan following among teens, he still has more haters who think his music lacks quality and the fad would soon pass away. But for his innumerable fans or Beliebers as they are called, the theme based on his 3-D concert film, Never Say Never, is soon going to be a rage for sure. Although this type of marketing was not expected from such a leading tech giant, this is the first time that a company like Microsoft has indulged in this kind of publicity. Whatever be the reason for this, the theme is certainly going to be a craze for his teenaged computer savvy fans.


Xbox Live Likely to be Windows 8’s Built in Feature


Microsoft, world’s leader in OS and other platform services is taking big steps to combine its services and themes across the available platforms. The first evidence of such an endeavor was Windows Phone 7 in the form of metro design languages. Today this has led to the breakthrough effort by Microsoft to unify its two most successful services Windows and Xbox live.

Nokia to be Acquired by Samsung

Microsoft which was rumored to be tabling a bid for the ailing mobile vendor Nokia is no more in the forefront, as the focus is now on Samsung Company. Samsung is now been regarded as the most potential buyer of the Nokia company. It has been reported that Samsung is now preparing to acquire the Nokia Company.

Nokia to be Acquired by Samsung

Both companies Nokia and Samsung when approached for the comments refused to comment on the topic saying that they prefer not commenting on rumors. Nokia did not categorically rule out an acquisition by Microsoft but moved to state that Murtazin was “getting obviously less accurate with every passing moment” recently there have been many speculative tweets of industry insider Eldar Murtazin but Reports of a Samsung takeover by the WSJ may hold more weight that these tweets, although the pundit has successfully predicted acquisitions and partnerships in the past.

In an attempt to streamline operations Nokia has recently laid off 7,000 of its staff. The company is now working on readying Windows Phone devices to release in the fourth quarter of 2011. If Samsung was to acquire the stricken manufacturer, in addition to the success of its Android offerings it would position the company as the top Windows Phone provider.


Trouble for Skype Users

Skype users are facing troubles since the website is not functioning properly. People are facing difficulties since the login page of the website is not functioning, or in other words, people are unable to sign in to the network. It is not the first time Skype is crashing. Two weeks ago, there was a problem of network down. Now the site is crashed causing inconvenience to users again. Users who are signing in have no alternative left other than logout, since Skype is unable to connect to the network. Even if a user refreshes the page, the following message get flashed “Skype can’t connect”.

Trouble for Skype Users

However skype has said that they are working on this problem and the problem that cause network outage will be fixed soon. Once Skype program stopped working which caused big trouble to the users and now the condition is much similar. This time the users are facing trouble while signing in. But the problem remains the same. Both these problems restricts user to access Skype. Skype is also saying that the problem has been recognised and you do not need to manually sign out of the website. Skype will reconnect to the network, when it would be able to do so. The downtime appeared more than an hour this time. The condition was worse and users from all over the world were facing this problem. However, the $8.5 billion acquisition deal by Microsoft cannot be accused for this pathetic act of the website.