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Netflix Integrating with Facebook

Facebook Netflix

Netflix, the online streaming service that, its integration with Facebook is on the horizon. The integration is most likely to be implemented in the next three months. Due to legalities that surround video sharing, however, the company has cautiously decided not to launch Stateside yet. The service will initially be launched only in Canada and Latin America. Online sharing and distribution of works is a very controversial issue. America is among those countries who have taken a very severe stance against companies or individuals who violate the laws of distribution of copyright works.

Facebook Netflix
America’s “Big Six” studios are represented by The Motion Picture Association of America. Big Six includes Disney, Sony, Paramount, Fox, Universal and Warner Bros. The organization has become very infamous for filing lawsuits against those found guilty for copyright infringement. The organization thus brings the issue to the notice of mainstream media attention. Netflix has definitely made a smart move to stay away for the time being.

Netflix has been very successful and is also acclaimed as the company which has taken DVD rentals to the internet. Netflix has become the leader in the market in its field with the convenience and cheaper prices and further aid has been provided by the increase in the speed of internet. Netflix says that a law is currently pending in Congress and this law will address the legal issues and allow the integration of Netflix with Facebook. In a statement to the investors, the company has noted that Video Privacy Protection Act discourages Netflix from integrating with Facebook. Under the Act it is vague as to when and how a user can allow his viewing data to be shared. Netflix is not the only company indulging in integration with the social network media. Microsoft’s new acquisition, Skype also recently added video chat to Facebook has enabled a multi-facet interaction service to the users of Facebook.