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Blackberry Messenger 6 – Lets be ‘Social’

Blackberry Messenger 6

Research In Motion (RIM) has recently launched Blackberry Messenger (BBM 6). RIM, the Canadian Company which invented the revolutionary Blackberry Smartphone, has added many new features to the 6th Messenger and has concentrated more on the visual aspects of the software. However the most amazing feature of BBM 6 is the social app layer. The following are the features of this social app:-
Blackberry Messenger 6

  • It enables you to update your status, scores and achievements
  • You can recommend other apps to your friends which they can then download
  • You can display the applications that you are yourself using

Other than the social app BBM 6 has some new features and customizable looks. The color of the contacts and the chat boxes can be changed so that you can easily distinguish between different chats. Also new flashy 6.1 icons are supported in this messenger. RIM has said that Foursquare, The Huffington Post and Wikitude are the companies that will provide BBM apps and later more companies are for sure to be added.

BBM has over 45 million users, mostly teens, and about 70 % of these users use BBM on a daily basis. No doubt the new BBM 6 will be a hit amongst these users, especially with the launch of the social app.

Apple Bags the No. 1 charts in US with Just Two smartphones over the Counters

Apple is on Number1

It’s Apple everywhere around the Statue of Liberty! The producers of iPhones, Apple, is on one of the top charts of Smartphone in United States sharing around 26.8% of the total Smartphones owned by the people of the country which is not at all bad for a company like this with only two iPhones currently on sale, iPhone 4 and last year’s iPhone 3GS. Others to join Apple in this marathon are RIM and HTC with 24.7% and 11.8% of the total Smartphone users’ share in the country.

Apple is on Number1
This achievement by the company with only two handsets over the counters cannot be overlooked and that’s what makes the race turn hot. To head the competition, HTC is looking forward to have variety of handsets with more additional features, fun and power packed in them giving Apple a tough fight.

Apple is been talked about for bringing up more iPhones to the showrooms with more attractive hardware and amazing software assembled together, since Google’s Android is becoming more popular and elaborating its product line. Due to its massive usage with smartphones and tablets etc. as Google has made it open to use, everybody is looking for a new Android which is smart and easy in use and goes handy with their gadget.

iPhone 5/4S is on its way to hit the stores later this year which could probably help Apple continue with its No. 1 position on the OEM market. If it does its good and if it’s not, we have much to cover on. There is a lot more the company has to do to save its No. 1 position and we can’t wait to speculate the fueling up run in the mobile industry in US.