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Rotary Dial Mechanical Smartphone by Richard Clarkson

I just stumbled upon this amazing Rotary Mechanical Smartphone that has been designed by Richard Clarkson. What’s unique about the phone is the old school rotary dial with a unique combination of touch screen. This is something unusual and I found it really funky!

Technical Details of Rotary Mechanical Smartphone:

On the front of the Rotary Mechanical Smartphone, there is a digital touch screen while on the back, it is powered by interchangeable mechanical disks. At the first glance, it would appear like a device from late 80’s but it has got a lot to explore!

With time, the overlying layer of the paint will wear away leaving the electroplated copper beneath.

Apple iPhone 5- the Next Generation iPhone

Apple tries to win the hearts of its customers with the best of its technology and now it has completely new surprise to titillate their fun nerves. iPhone 5 is rumored to be launched this year which keeps us waiting for the big dawn. In UAE, the Chief Corporate Communication officer, Ali Al Ahmad stated that the iPhone 5 will roll out in the markets by the end of this year which is loaded with 4G LTE capabilities that makes it a technology next level. The iPhone will have similar looks as its previous counterpart, iPhone 4 by the hardware and inside technology will surely be upgraded.

iPhone 5 LTE

Talking about the product before the launch has become a business practice so to rely on the rumors will be a crap. Also 4G technology has not yet reached to all the parts of the globe so why having a phone with a feature of no use? As told by the executives, iPhone 5 is wrapped with upgraded Mac OS and better hardware but the new is still in smoke. Whatever one say, Apple iPhone 5 will bag the tag to be the first one to introduce 4G in the Smartphone league. In the near future, everyone will be enjoying this technology. Though the launch rumors has come as a bolt from the blue but who knows how much time it will take to bring such a technology to real for the public. We can just wait for the end of the year to witness this new iPhone.

True or not, we are fervently waiting for the iPhone 5 to dazzle the world and see what new it has for the mobile and music lovers. Will it make a mark, we will see by the end of this year!


eBuddy XMS Now Available For iOS and Android

The famous web and mobile messengers, eBuddy has recently announced the worldwide launch of its free real time messaging app, eBuddy XMS in iOS and Android mobile phones. The users would now be able to connect to popular instant messengers like Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Facebook and MySpace, directly from their mobile phones using eBuddy. With the introduction of this app, it is going to give a direct competition to the services like Kik and WhatsApp which expands the capability of normal text messaging and provide fast, secure and reliable service.

eBuddy XMS

eBuddy’s XMS utilize user’s data or WiFi connection to send messages. It allows the messages to be sent all over the world free of cost. Just like the native apps, the iOS and Android clients also scans user’s phonebook and Facebook or Twitter profiles to retrieve the information of the friends using this service and then the user can email, sms, Twit or IM the friends whom they want to reach out. eBuddy XMS allows the users to personalize the applications, to view pictures and receive over 100 different emoticons and time stamp the friend’s interactions. In addition, the application also alerts the users of any unread messages.

With the boom in smartphone use and preference to use messaging apps over traditional messaging, the launch of eBuddy XMS is definitely going to be crucial. The application is fast and is of great importance for the people who like to keep in touch with their friends and co workers all the time. eBuddy XMS can be download from App Store or Android market. It can also be downloaded from eBuddy XMS website.


What’s special about LG Thrill 4G 3D smartphone

Earlier today, AT&T officially announced that it has teamed up with LG and have introduced an exclusive LG smartphone named the Thrill 4G. Now, what’s special and unique about the smartphone is, it is the first smartphone to feature a “glasses free” 4.3 inch stereoscopic 3D display which is amazingly great!

The key features and specs of LG Thrill 4G 3D Smartphone:

  • The screen resolution is 480×800 and it comes with a 4.3 inch stereoscopic 3D display
  • High quality videos and stills can be shot in 3D with the 5 mega-pixel stereoscopic camera
  • Powered by a 1Ghz dual core TI OMAP4 processor
  • The in-built memory is of 8GB and it runs Android 2.2 Froyo
  • Supports MicroSD memory card slot
  • Comes with 1500 mAh battery
  • 3D content can be captured in 720p resolution while 2D content can be captured at 1080p
  • Supports DLNA and built-in HDMI-out port

There is no word regarding the pricing yet, so stay stuned to get more information on LG Thrill 4G 3D smartphone.

The iPhone5 will support dual SIM cards

iphone4 dual sim

Good news for those who always wanted to have an iPhone but had to compromise with the non-availability of dual SIM facility. Good news is that, the iPhone 5 will hold two SIM cards allowing you to use 2 phone lines. This sounds amazingly great!
iphone4 dual sim

“iDealsChina says that the feature will allow iPhone 5 owners to have two lines of service and could operate two numbers at the same time, which would be great either for travelers who need access to a home SIM on a home network and also a global SIM for roaming, or for users who use the iPhone 5 and would want to have their work and personal lines on the same device.”

The iPhone5 is rumored to include a Qualcomm Gobi cellular and data chipset. It is expected to be released in July or July this year with a slider physical keyboard and aluminium case.