The Sims Social Network

For those who are not well acquainted with “The Sims”, Facebook is going to provide a golden opportunity to its users for the same. The best-selling strategic life-simulation computer game is soon going to be a Facebook application for its 700 million users. The interactive game is already a huge success with the off-the-cuff gamers. It would soon be available for free over the social networking website. The game is about following and managing the lives of Sims, their life stages, their interaction with objects and doing routine daily work in the form of reaching personal goals.

Sims Social Network

The publishing company Electronics Arts has cashed heavily on the game till now. The game’s popularity can be gauged by the number of copies and franchisees sold till now. The game has already been ported to PlayStation 2 and a film is in preproduction stage. It has multiple add-ons and the maximum number of expansion packs available. With The Sims Social being the first of its kind, the Electronics Arts is expected to add more applications and games to the social platform based on the success of this one.  With no release date declared by Facebook till now, The Sims Social is already expected to offer tough competition to social networking games like Zynga’s Farmville, Cityville and the like. The game will provide a newer platform for networking among friends. It will add life and zeal to the monotonous gaming and chatting sessions and help Facebook rekindle its lost romance with its users.