VoIP – The Future is ‘Calling’


The internet boom has established many new products and the technology now grows at an unreliable and very fast paced speed. Internet is used for various purposes today if not all, a telephone call is one of them. Ideally a person calls someone through a land-lined phone or a mobile, but since almost everything is now available on the internet, a telephone call has made its ground too. Voice over Internet Protocol i.e. VoIP which is a category of both hardware and software, enables people to make calls over the Internet.

VoIP uses the web as the transmission medium and sends voice data in packets (message or information) using Internet Protocol (IP – Determines format and addressing of the packets). The traditional method of analog signals being passed via copper wires is no longer existent in this method. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) system has met its competitor VoIP. VoIP converts the analog signals generated by our voice into a digital signal and then transfers this data over the optical fiber to the receiver where it is converted back to analog signal.

So, what is the hype then ? Why VoIP is such a big deal ? There is only one reason and probably the most important for everybody in the world that is ‘money’. VoIP is way cheaper than your local phone providers. The bills of VoIP can be a few bucks to sometimes even free of cost. All you need is an internet connection, preferably a broadband connection with good speed and you are ready to use the service. Some companies are offering virtual phones, which connect to the internet and enable to make calls. Other method is investing in a headset and microphone. Phone bills can really irritate you and empty your bank balance, especially if you are a long distance caller. For such people VoIP is the best and the most efficient way to remain touch with your mates out of the country.
So what is the drawback if any ? The only drawback VoIP mainly posses is the the Quality of Service (QoS). VoIP is highly dependent on the bandwidth of your internet connection, if the internet connection provides low bandwidth between the caller and the receiver then there might be disturbance, delays, weird sounds, echoes, noises etc problems. Hence an internet connection with high bandwidth is required, if possible than equal to 256kbps, otherwise the disturbances will really frustrate the users. The other drawback is constant electricity is required to run this service, if there is no electricity then there will be no communication. VoIP is still not 100% secured in making 911 calls, however efforts are being made to add this service.

VoIP has a few drawbacks, but the advantages over weigh them substantially. VoIP has increased number of users every year, getting direct deal from warehouse pricing. The cost of VoIP has changed many minds throughout the world, especially at times like these, where oil prices, real estate and home products are getting more expensive every year. Companies like Skype, Vonage, Packet8, GalaxyVoice are finding new technological ways to improve VoIP service throughout the world and who knows we all might call each other through VoIP.